First Light Jerky Finished

First Light Deer Jerky

The inspiration for this jerky came from my love for a good breakfast sausage. This was the last of my venison from this past hunting season, and i’m thrilled the jerky turned out tasting great! Common sausage ingredients like sage and thyme are the main flavors found in First Light Deer Jerky. The cayenne pepper …

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Vietnamese Jerky Finished

Vietnamese Beef Jerky

This Vietnamese style beef jerky has several great flavors that will have your taste buds saying WOW! My wife loves Vietnamese style  beef jerky and buys some every time we go to get some pho at our favorite local pho spot. The main ingredient that is undeniably present in this type of jerky is the …

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Peppered Venison Finished

Peppered Venison Jerky

This Peppered Venison Jerky has an outstanding fresh cracked black pepper flavor! The soy sauce and worcestershire sauce also give this recipe a really nice sweet and salty taste. This deer roast was harvested in South Texas on a hunting trip with some buddies. I freezer packed the roast until I was ready to make …

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Halibut in Alaska

Alaska Fishing Trip 2016

Look at those good looking guys! Here is some of the group that took a trip to Homer Alaska to do some Halibut and Salmon fishing. From left to right: Todd, Jim, Will (me), Matt, Bill, Grant. This trip was awesome. We all flew into Alaska from different corners of the country for a little …

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Jamaican Jerky Beef Jerky Finished Drying

Jamaican Jerk Beef Jerky

Everyone loves Jerk Chicken, and everyone is going to love this Jamaican Jerk Beef Jerky! The other day I went with my wife in search for a little food truck she has been wanting to try near downtown Austin. It’s a Venezuelan food truck called Four Brother ATX, it’s know for their Arepas. Okay, I’m …

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An easy to make jerky that turned out great. You will love the blend of honey, jalapenos, and lime juice!|

Jalapeno Lime Beef Jerky

  This Jalapeno Lime Beef Jerky is an easy to make jerky with a little spice from the jalapenos, sweetness from the honey, and a strong citrus flavor from the fresh limes. Who doesn’t love jalapenos and limes?  I have been cooking a lot with jalapenos lately, I just LOVE how they taste! Everything from …

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Cajun Beef Jerky with all the heat and spice of New Orleans! |

Cajun Beef Jerky

This Cajun Beef Jerky recipe will excite your taste buds! With flavors that come straight from New Orleans, you can’t go wrong with this tasty recipe! A lot of my recipes come about by searching the internet, cook books, restaurant dished, etc. This one came from several Cajun marinades and seasonings I found while looking …

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