Mai Tai Beef Jerky Square

Mai Tai Beef Jerky

This Mai Tai Beef Jerky has all the great flavors of this tropical drink. It will take you back to a memory of you sitting by the pool or on the beach soaking up some sun and having a refreshing drink. I like these types of drinks probably more than my wife does. Pina Colada, …

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Mexican Heat Beef Jerky Finished

Mexican Heat Beef Jerky

This Mexican Heat Beef Jerky is made with spicy Serrano peppers and red pepper flakes to light your lips on fire and satisfy that spice craving. I am a big fan of Serrano peppers, mainly eating them in picante and pico de gallo sauces here in South Texas. They are from Mexico and their spice …

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Sweet Cherry Beef Jerky Finished Square

Sweet Cherry Beef Jerky

This beef jerky recipe has a fantastic sweet cherry flavor with every bite! I actually got the idea for this cherry flavored beef jerky from a stop I made while driving back to Austin from Corpus Christi, TX. I stopped to get gas at a HUGE (Texas Sized!) gas station / market/ convenient store called …

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Sweet Heat Sriracha Jerky Preview

Sweet Heat Sriracha Jerky

A sriracha beef jerky that doesn’t over power you with spice, but rather blends in with the other flavors making a perfect jerky. Recently I bought a new Beef Jerky book titled “Jerky Everything” by Pamela Braun. I am always looking for new books to broaden my skills in the art of jerky making. So …

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