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Alaska Fishing Trip 2016

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Halibut in Alaska

Look at those good looking guys! Here is some of the group that took a trip to Homer Alaska to do some Halibut and Salmon fishing. From left to right: Todd, Jim, Will (me), Matt, Bill, Grant.

This trip was awesome. We all flew into Alaska from different corners of the country for a little family fishing reunion (Maryland, West Virginia, Texas, Kentucky). This is the second time I have been to Alaska. The first was back on a country wide road trip back in 2006. This is the second time halibut fishing and my first time salmon fishing! So here are some pictures from that trip:

Halibut on Boat

A picture of my father, brother in law, and I with some Halibut we caught out of Homer, AK.

Group with Halibut

The whole group Halibut fishing! Left to right: Todd, Grant, Bill, Jim, Matt, Dan, Me, Chase, Jeramy.

Me Fishing for Sockeye

Me fishing for Sockeye salmon. There was a lot of rain when we were there and the rivers were REALLY moving fast. This made the sockeye fishing not so great. We got skunked, but still had a blast!

Matt & I King Salmon Fishing

A couple days later we did some King Salmon fishing. The weather was a lot better during this trip. Here is my brother in law and I on the boat trolling in the river.

Me Holding King Salmon

King Salmon! I have to admit, I did not catch this fish… It was way to great of a photo op to not take the picture though. (No shame… Ha)

Dad & I

Here is a picture of my father and I at just one of the amazing views we saw while in Alaska. I have to thank my dad for taking my brother in law and I on this super fun trip. He helped plan and funded our trip. Thanks Dad!!! Can’t wait for next years trip…. (hint, hint..)


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