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Got Hitched!



Walking down the isle of wedding

That’s right, I got married to my now beautiful wife Linda! I figured I would share some photos from that amazing day. We had a blast and it was fantastic to get the family together.

Linda and I got married in a small town called Southold, New York. It is a little town at the end of the north fork of Long Island, New York. Both my family and hers are from New York, that is why we made the long trip from Austin, Texas up to the big apple. (Other than my parents living in Corpus Christi half the year, we are the only ones living in God’s Country…. aka. Texas)

The rehearsal dinner was held at my Uncle’s house on the water down the road in Greenport, NY. This is where Linda and I first met and is the reason we decided to hold our wedding on the north fork.

Rehearsal Dinner

The reception was held at Raphael Vineyards. The place is beautiful and we couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Raphael Winery

Reception Table

Here are a couple more images from the day. I will try to post some more when we get the professional pictures from the photographer. Most of these photos were taken by my good friend Kyle.

Rehearsal Dinner Guys

Me in the back, friend Little O on the left, Cousin James with his back to the camera, and friend Albert on the right. My two friends flew up from Texas for the wedding. It was their first time in New York.

Wedding Ceremony

The Priest did not show up for the rehearsal… The ceremony was interesting…. We ended up married so I guess it wasn’t too bad!

Throwing Flowers

I ran around the day before the wedding looking for Roses because at the last minute my wife wanted to walk out of the church and have the crowd of people throw flowers at us. Got it done!


Had a blast at the reception. Open bar…… of course it was great!

Here are some photos from the Professional Photographer…

Guys by the water

Cousins & I

Wedding Party

Us in Greenport

My Beautiful Wife

First Dance


  1. Bill Duncan says:

    Will, great wedding pictures. Congratulations to you and Linda. Do you have any suggestions for oven jerky that is lower in sugar and salt. I’m trying to lose significant (say 50-60 pounds) weight, but I compete in powerlifting. Oh yeah, I’m 58 years old. My sons re-introduced me to jerky. We tend to eat a 3 oz. package for a snack (thus the need to cut back on sugar and sodium). I’d be willing to eat beef, turkey, chicken, venison, fish (?), or anything else I can get my hands on and dry in the oven, unless you think it’s worth investing in a dehydrator. I’d like to make enough to put 5-6 oz. in a ziploc bag. Suggestions?

    • Will says:

      Thanks Bill! That’s awesome that you are working out and losing some weight man! If you are trying to stay away from salt and sodium, I would just choose some recipes that don’t have much of that. So stay away from any recipe that has soy sauce or just buy low sodium soy sauce and omit any salt from the recipes. I would just make small batches at a time if you are not wanting to add any salt or curing salt. Your oven should work just fine, I wouldn’t go out and buy a dehydrator just yet. Make a couple batches and if you get really into making jerky, then consider a dehydrator. I make mostly beef jerky, but you can substitute turkey or venison for just about any recipe. I don’t have any fish jerky on the site yet, but hopefully in the near future! I would try the Dos Pepper Jerky & Montana Mountain Jerky, just omit the salt on both of them. Good luck!

  2. Richard Gross says:

    Good morning,
    I just recently found your website and it is terrific. Probably the best jerky making website on the internet. Thank You for that! Very Clear and easy to follow.
    I have made some of your jerky recipes and they turned out great. Far better than the dozen or so of prepackaged mixes I have tried!
    Although I love making Jerky, I am really into snack sticks. It would be fantastic if you would include your expert advise and recipes for snack sticks.
    I really am looking forward to your help with the snack sticks.


    • Will says:

      Thanks Richard. Hopefully soon I will be putting some snack stick recipes on here. Been super busy lately, but I definitely want to add it to the site sometime soon.

  3. Jorge says:


    I just found your jerky recipes which will be trying for my father in law. Just clicked on this link to wish you a happy married life! I also live in Colorado, great place to be. Thank you for sharing great jerky recipes!

    • Will says:

      Glad you are enjoying the site Jorge! My wife and I have been loving Colorado. Can’t get enough of all the hiking and snowboarding! Thanks for the good wishes.

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