Smokey Cajun Turkey Jerky Finished and Tasty

Smokey Cajun Turkey Jerky

This Smokey flavored Cajun Turkey Jerky will quench your thirst for a spicy flavorful turkey jerky snack! I really liked this jerky, and you will too… Making the Jerky I bought a frozen turkey breast from my local grocery store. You can also use turkey cutlets that can be easily found anywhere. I believe Jennie-O …

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Garden Beef Jerky

This Beef Jerky Recipe has the flavors you would find in your backyard garden. The intense flavors found in this jerky are sure to please your family and friends! This garden fresh tasting beef jerky is sure to hit the spot when hiking the trails this fall! I’m leaving on an 8 day camping trip …

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Bayou Cajun Jerky Finished

Bayou Cajun Beef Jerky

This Bayou Cajun Beef Jerky has a little spice and the zest of New Orleans. If you’re looking for a great flavor that will please all, this is your jerky! I lived in New Orleans for a while several years back and loved all the flavors found in the cooking. This recipe is inspired by …

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Big Bend NP

Big Bend National Park 2017

Camping, Hiking, Camping, Hiking = Great Vacation! Before my wife and I move to Denver, CO we made sure to do a camping trip in Big Bend National Park. Big Bend is located in West Texas, and is really beautiful! There are tons of trails throughout the park. Make sure to go when it is …

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East Side Finished

East Side Beef Jerky

East side beef jerky is a salty and flavorful jerky that combines the great flavor of soy sauce with the much loved fish sauce of the East.   I used some local honey and fish sauce from my local Asian marketplace. You should be able to find fish sauce in your local supermarket as it …

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Cranberry Turkey Jerky Finished2

Cranberry Turkey Jerky

This Cranberry Turkey Jerky will have you craving your Mom’s homemade Thanksgiving Dinner! The reason this recipe came about was due to the simple reason that you can’t have turkey without the cranberry… I used a 3lb turkey breast from my local Walmart. I actually had trouble finding turkey breast in the dead of summer, …

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