Simply Sweet Beef Jerky on tray with lemons and brown sugar

Spicy Sweet Beef Jerky

This jerky recipe is a great one that has an amazing sweet flavor followed by a spicy zing at the end. Rave reviews were received when I passed this jerky around at home and work. Everyone loved it! I made this jerky AFTER I got back from a week long camping trip up in Canada. …

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Trout Jerky on serving tray

Jumping Trout Jerky

There is nothing better than some trout fishing in the mountains of Colorado. Unfortunately I bought this trout at the super market because I didn’t have a chance to go fishing…. Soon though, Soon! I have been making a bunch of fish jerky lately and decided to make some trout jerky instead of my go …

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Pork jerky in a bowl

Malaysian Pork Jerky

This Malaysian Pork Jerky has a great flavor with a little sweetness that is found all across the Asian continent. My co-workers couldn’t put this jerky down. It lasted about 3 minutes… I made this jerky out of pork tenderloin. Just make sure to trim as much fat as you can before marinating.¬† I also …

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Salmon jerky marinated

Tasty Salmon Jerky

Love salmon? Well then you are going to LOVE this salmon jerky! This recipe has a light fish flavor with a nice smokey and salty finish. Just perfect! When it comes to fat content in fish, salmon ranks on the higher end. If you have been reading about jerky, fat is not a good thing…. …

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Silk Road Beef Jerky on a bowl and ready to eat

Silk Road Beef Jerky

The silk road was a trading route that ran from Europe around the Mediterranean eventually all the way to China and beyond. This recipe has Sumac as the star ingredient, which is from the Mediterranean… You might be asking, “so was Sumac traded along the silk road?” Uh, I don’t think so. But I needed …

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Sweet Maple Pork Jerky

Can you make jerky out of Pork? YES!!! It tastes great too! This sweet recipe worked very well with pork, you will definitely love it… As you can see from the picture above, there aren’t many ingredients when making this recipe. First off, you have to start with a piece of pork. Making the Jerky …

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Elk jerky with marinade and ground black pepper

Bugling Elk Jerky

Bugling Elk Jerky is a great tasting sweet and salty jerky that will not disappoint! Didn’t harvest an Elk this year? No worries, make with beef or venison too! I sliced up this elk roast that I got from a buddy at work. Bugling Elk Jerky is one of the recipes I made with this …

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Margarita Beef Jerky with drink and sugar

Margarita Beef Jerky

Who’s ready for some Margaritas?!?!?! Unfortunately it is Monday, but the taste of frozen margaritas you probably drank this weekend can stay fresh in your mind while at the office with some margarita beef jerky! This is a pretty simple recipe that produces a almost candy like jerky. I used a Beef Top Round and …

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