Smoked Brussel Sprouts

Many people don't like Brussel sprouts, but once you get a taste of these smoked brussel sprouts you will change your tune. These have a little bite to them and the charred outside makes these mouth watering.

Seasonings & Toppings – Brussel sprouts – Bacon – Olive oil – Cranberries – Salt & Pepper Glaze – Honey – Balsamic Vinegar



Pellet Smoker

Grill Basket

Rinse brussel sprouts with cold fresh water and dry. Cut off both ends of sprouts and discard.

Slice sprouts in half, either long ways or short, and sprinkle with olive oil. Salt and pepper the brussel sprouts.

Pre-heat the smoker to 225°F and place a grill basket inside smoker.

Once pre-heated, place the cut and seasoned brussel sprouts in the grill basket. Also place the 3 strips of bacon straight on the smoker rack and smoke for 20 minutes.

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