lemon fish jerky on platter with lemon peels

Lemon Fire Tuna Jerky

Fish jerky is supposed to be sweet….salty….savory…., but spicy?! Hell yeah it can be spicy! This Lemon Fire Tuna Jerky packs some surprisingly tongue numbing flavor. Let’s break down those fish jerky barriers and create something exciting! Slicing the Tuna Start with a nice 8oz yellowfin tuna steak from the local grocery store. If you …

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coconut ground beef jerky on cutting board with coconut shavings and basil

Coconut Ground Beef Jerky

Fall is here and winter is approaching fast and I am already missing the warm tropics and sun. What better way to reminisce of beaches and clear warm water than to make a jerky with some coconut flavoring. Lets bring back memories of knocking down some Bahama Mama coconut rum drinks while sitting on a …

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Beef jerky on bowl with checkered tray underneath

Smokey Joe’s Beef Jerky

When ingredients blend together perfectly making a fantastic tasting beef jerky, you know the recipe is just right! Smokey Joe’s beef jerky is one of those recipes and NEEDS to be on the top of your ‘to make’ list. Slicing Meat for Jerky The first step to making beef jerky is choosing a lean cut …

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Eggplant jerky on red cabbage on white plate

Summer-y Eggplant Jerky

This is a delicious, light, summery eggplant jerky.  Balsamic and herbs shines through with each bite. For those who choose not to eat meat, eggplants, like mushrooms, are a great substitute to make jerky.  From a nutritional standpoint, they are high in fiber and low in calories for the win. Choosing the Eggplant Find an …

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Testing jerky by bending with wood spoon holding habaneros

Fireman’s Beef Jerky

When naming a beef jerky recipe after Firemen, you have to make it hot enough to set your mouth on FIRE! This jerky recipe does just that, so get a glass of milk to keep your mouth cool and let’s get to making some Spicy Hot Jerky! Slicing Meat for Jerky The first step to …

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Original Beef Jerky on plate with spices

Original Beef Jerky

This Original Jerky recipe really does taste like good ol’ fashioned jerky you got from a small town smokehouse when you were a kid on a long road trip. Hell, it reminds me of my favorite smokehouse in between Houston and Corpus Christi, Texas’ Prasek’s Family Smokehouse. This place is good, seriously good! Original Post Date: …

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sliced lemons and porcini mushroom jerky on white plate

Italian Porcini Mushroom Jerky

I LOVE Italian cuisine, the bright and fresh flavors of their cuisine inspired this mushroom jerky recipe. Turned out delicious, that is, if you like pizza. For those that choose not to eat meat or those decreasing meat intake, mushrooms are a great substitute.  They can absorb so much flavor and the texture is meaty. …

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Beef jerky in cowboy boot painted with texas flag

Pistol Pete’s Beef Jerky

This beef jerky recipe with Texas Pete’s hot sauce tastes even better than it’s super cool name! I came up with Pistol Pete from the old television show Brisco County Jr. I then realized that the character was only named Pete, not Pistol Pete. So maybe it’s from a guy we called Pistol Pete at …

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