Fall Apart Smoked Pork Butt

It's time to make the best piece of meat you can make on a smoker, smoked baby back ribs. Everyone loves ribs, and there is a reason, they're delicious!

– Pork shoulder – Olive oil – Sea salt – Black pepper



Pellet Smoker

Aluminum Pan

Meat Thermometer

BBQ Gloves

Pre-heat smoker to 250°F using hickory or apple wood Rub pork shoulder with olive oil and sprinkle the salt and pepper evenly on all sides of the roast.

Place the pork shoulder in an aluminum pan fat side up and place in smoker away from direct heat.

Smoke for 6 hours at 250°F, then increase the smoker temperature to 275°F. Continue smoking until the pork shoulder is probe tender, about an internal temperature of 202°F.

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