Traeger Smoked Salmon

Save some money and start making your own smoked salmon. It's way better than store bought and incredibly easy to make. Sweet, smoky, and delicious!

– Salmon – Dr. Pepper – Kosher salt – Honey – Maple syrup



Pellet Smoker

Meat Thermometer

Marinade Brush

Combine ingredients for brine in a deep sided 9x13 dish and mix thoroughly. Add salmon filet skin side up to the dish, cover, and let brine in the fridge for 8-15 hours.

Remove fish filet from brine and dry with paper towels. Form a pellicle on fish by placing in front of a fan for 3-5 hours or placing uncovered in fridge for 5-8 hours.

Once pellicle is formed, pre-heat smoker to 180°F. Place fish skin side down on smoker rack and allow to smoke for 1 hour.

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