Honey Peppered Deer Jerky 

Hunting season is coming to a close and if you are like me, your freezer is full of magnificent venison just waiting to be made into some jerky! That is exactly what I did with this venison roast, I made some sweet and spicy great tasting jerky with local honey and fresh cracked black pepper.

Lean Meat – Venison Roast Marinade – Soy sauce – Beef stock – Honey – Worcestershire sauce – Black pepper – Garlic powder – Red pepper flakes – Ginger powder – Sesame oil – Curing salt (optional)



Excalibur Dehydrator


Make sure to defrost any meat in the refrigerator and Not on your kitchen counter. Submerging the meat in water will speed up the thawing process immensely.

After thawing and rinsing the deer roast, trim as much fat and silver skin as you can from the meat. Fat spoils faster than meat and will shorten the shelf life of the finished jerky.

Since I was going to use my Weston Jerky Slicer to cut the roast into jerky strips, I had to first slice the roast into 1" thick pieces so they would fit into the slicer. Using a sharp knife really helps slice through meat that is not partially frozen.

To slice the perfect strips, I fed my venison steaks through the jerky slicer and it cut it perfectly like always. You do not need this slicer, you can slice the meat by hand into strips.

I added all the ingredients into a bowl and mixed them together very well. Don't those red pepper flakes look delicious?! This great tasting recipe has soy sauce, honey, fresh cracked black pepper and many more great tasting ingredients.

Give this recipe a try! Tap the link for the full recipe details.