Vegan Mushroom Jerky

Recipe was inspired by our vegan neighbors. Although my husband and I are not vegans, I respect other people's decisions and I really wanted to make something delicious for them.

Mushrooms – Maitake mushrooms Marinade – Leeks – White Wine – Tamari – Curry Powder – Maple Syrup – Pink Sea Salt



Nesco Dehydrator

Slice mushrooms evenly so they dry evenly, just note that the thicker the slices the longer they take to dry.

I used a vitamix blender.  When you combine all the ingredients, you could already smell the delicious-ness of it.

Place marinade in blender and blend well.  It will start to look a little foamy.  I'm a big fan of the vitamix because it does its job so well.

As you can see, leeks are blended well. This really helps bring out the flavor.

Mushrooms are great for soaking up liquid, sometimes too great that the  mushrooms sitting on the top half may not have any liquid.

Give this recipe a try! Tap the link for the full recipe details.