Juicy Smoked Burgers

The juicyness of the 80:20 beef with the minimal spices and smooth smoke flavor is what sets these bad boys apart.

Burger & Seasonings – Ground beef – Sea salt – Black pepper – Garlic powder – Onion powder Bun & Condiments – Hamburger buns – Tomato – Onion – Lettuce – Ketchup – Mustard



Pellet Smoker

Meat Thermometer

Sear Plates

80:20 ground beef is your friend, don't bring home a 93:7 package unless you don't mind your burgers a little dry.

These burgers are big ½lb juicy bohemiths. Don't feel the need to go this big, you can totally make ⅓lb burgers.

Using your hands, form the burgers into round patties that are about  1" - 1 ½" thick. Try not to over work the meat when forming into patties, this can make the burger tougher once cooked.

Place the burgers on the smoker and smoke until 15°F below your desired doneness. Use the chart for temperatures.

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