Lemon Peppered Beef Jerky 

Lemon pepper tastes fantastic on fresh fish, so why not jerky? Fresh speckled trout fillets from the Laguna Madre sprinkled with a heavy dose of lemon pepper cooking on the grill is what comes to mind when I think of lemon pepper.

Lean Meat – Beef top round Marinade – Salt – Garlic powder – Black pepper – Lemon pepper – Soy sauce – Water – Curing salt (optional)



Sahara Dehydrator

Jerky Slicer


The first step of slicing meat for jerky is to trim the cut of meat of all visible fat.

Slice the meat with a very sharp knife either with the grain for a more chewy jerky or against the grain for a more tender jerky.

Slice even strips so they will dry evenly and be finished at the same time. You can wrap the roast in plastic wrap and partially freeze for 1-2 hours to make slicing easier. I didn’t use it on this recipe, but a jerky slicer is a fantastic piece of equipment to help get even strips when slicing jerky.

My taste buds prefer a spicy jerky, and this lemon peppered jerky fit the bill. Not too spicy, but a nice little kick to it. The only pepper in this recipe is the lemon pepper and some black pepper.

Once the meat has finished marinating, strain any excess marinade in a colander. I marinated this beef for a total of 22 hours before straining. The longer the marinade process, the more intense flavor the jerky will have!

Give this recipe a try! Tap the link for the full recipe details.