Crispy Smoked Chicken Wings

Yes oh yes, this is the way to make chicken wings. Cranking up the temp gives these a nice crispy crunch along with that nice smoke flavor that excites your taste buds.

– Chicken wings – Sea salt – Black pepper – Wing sauce



Pellet Smoker

Marinade Brush

Poultry Shears

Rinse chicken wings with cold water and dry thoroughly. If flats and drumettes are still one piece, cut with kitchen shears at the joints and discard the tip.

Salt and pepper both sides of wings and pre-heat smoker to 200°F. Once pre-heated, place chicken directly on smoker rack and smoke for 30 minutes.

If applying wing sauce, brush sauce on the chicken 5 minutes after putting them back on the smoker. Then continue to cook until reaching an IT of 170-180°F.

Remove and allow to cool. Serve with ranch dressing and celery sticks.

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