Sriracha Deer jerky on wood tray with sriracha bottle and peppers

Sour Sriracha Deer Jerky

Sour and spicy sriracha jerky, does that go together?!?!?! Trust me, it does! You will be pleasantly surprised with this jerky recipe and flavor! Slicing The Meat Hunting season has come and past and your freezer should be full of venison just ready to be made into jerky! If your season wasn’t the best, not …

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Mexican Heat Beef Jerky Finished

Mexican Heat Beef Jerky

This Mexican Heat Beef Jerky is made with spicy Serrano peppers and red pepper flakes to light your lips on fire and satisfy that spice craving. Original Post Date: Janurary 12th, 2016  *Recipe updated with more pictures and step by step instructions* Slicing The Meat When I remade this recipe I bought a couple of …

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Deer jerky on tray with beer and nuts

Drunken Hot Deer Jerky

Beer and Habanero peppers is just about the best combination of any two things on this planet, so let’s use them to make some jerky! Slicing The Meat I had a good hunting season this year and have been making some deer jerky with my now full freezer. Hopefully you also had a good season …

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Venison jerky with pear and rosemary

Rosemary Pear Deer Jerky

There is something about having fresh fruit as an ingredient in jerky that just makes it taste SOOOO good. I like the pear because it’s not too overpowering. They input a great flavor without overpowering the overall taste of the jerky. Slicing The Meat I have been defrosting the last of the venison in my …

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Lemon Pepper Finished

Lemon Peppered Jerky

Lemon pepper tastes fantastic on fresh fish, so why not jerky? Fresh speckled trout fillets from the Laguna Madre sprinkled with a heavy dose of lemon pepper cooking on the grill is what comes to mind when I think of lemon pepper. But after making some lemon pepper jerky, well…. it comes in a close …

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Blueberry deer jerky in a glass full of blueberries on wood table with a bottle of bourbon

Blueberry Bourbon Deer Jerky

Hunting season is upon us and it’s time to start making some great tasting venison jerky! Bring a little flavor of summer with the blueberries and the boldness of your favorite bourbon to this new jerky recipe. Slicing The Meat I have been defrosting the last of the venison in my freezer from last hunting …

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Mole turkey jerky with chocolate

Rich Mole Turkey Jerky

No, not the animal that digs and lives underground. I’m talking about the Mexican dish Mole which is a sauce where the dark color comes from an unusual ingredient…Cocoa. Who doesn’t like chocolate?! I want chocolate right now after looking at this picture. My family is OBSESSED with chocolate! I’m serious, it’s a problem…. That …

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