Habanero Tabasco jerky on plate with Tabasco bottle

Habanero Tabasco Jerky

Watch out, this Habanero Tabasco jerky is spicy! I love spicy jerky and this recipe just jumped to the top of my favorite recipe list. You NEED to try this jerky! Original Post Date: April 30th, 2015  *Recipe updated with more pictures and step by step instructions* Before we get into the recipe, I want to …

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Korean BBQ Pork Jerky

Who doesn’t love Korean BBQ Pork? No one… Everyone loves it. That is why this sweet AND spicy jerky is so amazing. You will hide it from your friends, wife, husband, and even kids. You will not share this jerky, it’s THAT good! I wan’t to eat that right now, it looks SO good! I …

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Chili Lime jerky with lime and chili garlic sauce in jar

Chili Lime Jerky

Chili Lime has become a favorite flavor among all types of snacks in the last couple of years. Well if it works for potato chips, why not jerky? After trying several different recipes, this is the best one that I created. My Fiances’ Wife’s* favorite recipe so far, this is a must try. Original Post …

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Apple sage pork jerky on frying pan with two eggs and a glass of Apple juice

Apple Sage Pork Jerky

This jerky recipe was born from a breakfast sausage that I had a couple of weeks ago that was SO good! Fresh apple juice and apple makes this apple sage pork jerky delicious! Doesn’t that look really good?! Well let’s get started making this great tasting jerky… Slicing The Meat I normally make pork jerky …

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Deer jerky with wine, corkscrew, salt, and pepper

Corkscrew Deer Jerky

Red wine isn’t only for drinking, it makes a great addition to a fabulous tasting jerky recipe! I am a big fan of red wine, and this jerky has a great red wine flavor.  Slicing The Meat I have been defrosting and using the venison in my freezer when making jerky over the past couple …

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Jerky in jar with red pepper flakes on wood

Rig Hand Jerky

This is the Jerky recipe that I started passing around while out on the drilling rig in South Texas. This was a bad decision as now many of the guys out here always ask if I have any Jerky on me while we are working. Making homemade jerky results in a big increase in popularity …

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Venison jerky with skull and bullets

Rage Deer Jerky

The best thing you can do with that venison you harvested this season is to make it into jerky! This spicy (or not) recipe has a fantastic original jerky flavor that won’t last long if you share it with friends! Making the Jerky Just like many of you, I have a BUNCH of deer meat …

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Peppered honey deer jerky on a leaf with a jar of honey with wood background

Honey Peppered Deer Jerky

Hunting season is coming to a close and if you are like me, your freezer is full of magnificent venison just waiting to be made into some jerky! That is exactly what I did with this venison roast, I made some sweet and spicy great tasting jerky with local honey and fresh cracked black pepper. …

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