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Grand Teton & Yellowstone NP 2016

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Grand Teton Mountains

The BEAUTIFUL Grand Teton Mountains! This place was amazing, no other words can describe the raw beauty of nature these National Parks have.

My wife and I flew into Denver from Austin with all our camping equipment in tow. We rented a little car, bought a cooler and food, and set off for 10 days of camping and fun. (We stayed in some hotels…)

The first time I had came to Grand Teton National Park was about 4 months before this trip when I worked a hitch on a drilling rig in Pinedale, Wyoming. I had a day off and shot over to The Grand Teton National Park to check it out. 

Grand Teton in May

Here is a picture of Jenny Lake, a popular destination in the park. This was taken in May. When my wife and I came back in September, we camped at this lake for our first night of camping. 

Jenny Lake Tetons in May

So fast forward to September 2016 to my wife’s first camping trip. Here are some pictures of hiking around Jenny Lake and our camping set up.

Linda Creek

Linda Rock

Congrats on the first night of camping Linda!!!!!

Linda with Tent

Our first night camping was a success! It was nice weather and a great campground. It did not stay like this however. The next day it snowed about 4″ and dropped to 20° at night in Yellowstone NP.  It was rough… Ha.

Linda in Front of Yellowstone Sign

The park was not crowded and the wildlife and scenery was just breathtaking. We loved taking pictures in the snow. We don’t get that much snow in Austin. (None, we get NO snow in Austin)

Linda and I in the Snow

We hiked up Mt. Washburn to an elevation of 10,219′. The views were great from the viewing platform on top of the Mountain.

Linda Close Up

Linda Peace Sign

We made it to the TOP!!!

Linda and I Mt Washburn

It was a great trip and we loved the hiking. I can’t wait to go back!!! 


  1. Sean says:

    Way to go Will! We have been through that area with the kids and it’s amazing county! You can pick up some great local Jerky there and in MT! My son loved the Buffalo Jerkey that we found some guy selling out of a truck on the roadside! Mmmmmmm!

    • Will says:

      Yeah, it was a great trip! I agree, I picked up several packs of jerky on that trip, I didn’t see any being sold out of a truck though… Grabbing local jerky is the best!

  2. Deedog says:

    I also went in Sept 2016. I drove from Vegas. Solo. Whata blast. Went to 6 NP’s total Rocky Mt and Bryce. National beautiful too. I went up via Denver route and after Old Faithful and surrounding area back down to Grand Teton then back via Jackson Hole Bear Lake and Salt Lake route. Three weeks total. Was amazing adventure. I took almost 600 pics total. Thanks for sharing your pics!

    • Will says:

      That sounds like an amazing trip! We also went through Jackson hole, what a cool town. My wife and I are moving to Denver next month. This summer is going to be packed with national park camping and hiking trips!

  3. Kelly Thompson says:

    Looks beautiful. My family would love to visit some day. Your blogs great. Just made my first jerky. It’s delicious. I did however eat some (a lot) abs never saw the temp of the thermometer get to 160 using my Nesco. So I turned it off after maybe 6 or so hours and popped it in the oven at 170 for 30 minutes ( oven can’t get lower) almost done. Think this is ok. I liked the juicer taste before and am thinking it will all be gone in a few days but wanted to feel safe giving it to my kids.

    • Will says:

      Glad you are enjoying the site! Safety is rule #1, especially when kids are involved. A pre-heat of 10 minutes at 300F normally gets it to an internal temp of 160F, then pop it in the dehydrator. Hope you try some of the other recipes as well!

      • Kelly Thompson says:

        Ooh. Duh. I put the oven at 170. Ok I’ll cook 15 min at 300 to get it to 170. So glad I commented. Thank you again

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